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MUHTASEB COSMETICS Creating Different Lines of Premium Beauty and Personal Care Products for Men and Women by Combining Passion, Expertise, and Top-Notch Ingredients. Each Brand Is Unique in Concept and Design and of Outstanding Quality That Competes with Famous Luxury Brands Around the Globe.

Aqua Therapy product


Delicate & Sophisticated Products Made Directly from the Dead Sea, Lowest Point on Earth. A wide range of products; facial care, body care, bath salts, Spas, and gift boxes can be adapted to the specific needs of customers.



Top-drawer hair products that easily attract market attention and gain momentum. Persuasive in nature and strong in texture are what make SHOCK stand out in the market. Delivering the same results of luxury brands but for less dollars.

nature's heart


Personal care products that will connect you with mother earth. Finest natural ingredients complemented with our unique formula to bring about a selected range of items that will treat your body lavishly and improve your quality of life.


Embrace Nature and guide your body into a haven of serenity.
Create your own Spa at home.

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mission and Vision


To produce premium skin care and personal care products that cater to all people of all ages and interests using the finest ingredients, state-of-the-art technology, and unique formulas.


To footprint our name in the global markets and compete with famous brands and international companies that operate in the cosmetics and personal care markets.

Company Overview

Muhtaseb Cosmetics Ltd. started its operations in 1995 and has grown since then to one of the leading companies in Jordan. With 3 unique brands, focusing on personal care, dead sea, and hair products, the company secured a strong presence in the local market and expanded its distribution channels to international markets.

Years of experience


Refresh Your Personal Care Routine
Look and feel right with our premium care products

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Our Very Own Story

Muhtaseb Cosmetics is a leader Jordanian cosmetics manufacture, we start in 1998 in Jordan, Muhtaseb Cosmetics soon began its path to leadership, creating & producing natural cosmetics at world-class standards.

natural beauty
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We are now considered the leaders of the organic and natural cosmetics and Dead Sea Products industry in Jordan.
In the year 2001 Muhtaseb Cosmetics Cosmetic started exporting First Brand Aqua Therapy to the various Arabic & International Markets.
now we export to more than 16 countries around the world like the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and many others

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Aqua Therapy specializes in naturally based skincare products from the Dead Sea. Products are manufactured in Jordan according to strict international quality standards.

Aqua Therapy
shock product
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SHOCK 2014. Professional Hair Style!

Shock brings style and creativity to the salon community. As the leading brand in the Market, Shock is committed to supporting hairstylists and empowering them to “learn better, earn better and live better” through innovative products and an industry-leading education platform

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Nature’s Heart!

NATURE’S HEART is a quality line of personal care products that presents the finest, purest formulas on the market.


Cosset Your Hair and Let it Breathe Royalty.
Feel Empowered!

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We have the secret formula for success and we are happy to share it. Let us help you to have your own success story too.

Private Label

Looking for trending private label products? We offer over 100 products that are in high demand worldwide. Pick the products of your choice and let us take care of the rest. We will manufacture our products under your company’s brand and adapt them to meet your business requirements.

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Do you have experience in business or have access to distribution channels and businesses, and care for making quick profits? Join our team of certified distributors and avail of our ridiculously discounted rates to increase your profit margins and secure a safe investment.

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If you are a distributor for cosmetic products and interested in partnering with MUHTASEB COSMETICS, we would like to talk to you. Click on this button and fill the form

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At MUHTASEB COSMETICS, we’re always interested in what you have to say about our products, and we love hearing from you. We’re constantly researching and developing new products that you’ll enjoy. We encourage you to contact us and let us know what you think of our products. It’s important that we hear from you, because, after all, you’re the reason we’re here. Your input is valued and appreciated.

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